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Advanced Wing Chun

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Wing chun training emphasizes the constant practice of forms and chi sao drills. Often you will be tempted to skimp on the practice forms in favour of the chi sao excercises, but you must bear in mind that when you start training in the chi sao excercises, your elbows get pushed away from the centreline, and your defences will become loose. You must practice the first form, sil lim tao, to train your elbows to operate along the centreline and your energy (chi power) to travel in the right directon. The sil lim tao form can be found in the book How to develop Chi Power, Ohara Publications 

Furthermore, practical training in footwork and arm and leg coordination is essential to advanced chi sao, and ultimately to the application of wing chun techniques in combat. This type of solid foundation is found in the practice of chum kil, the second form of wing chun, which is demonstrated in its entirety in this book.

Author: William Cheung

Paperback, 255 pages

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