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  1. Dynamic Aikido

    Dynamic Aikido

    Ancient theory, modern practice: Dynamic Aikido brings together the whole spectrum of theoretical and applied aikido. ...Comprehensive and fuly illustrated , Dynamic Aikido presents the basic postures and stances, fundamental techniques and applications, how to cope with a frontal attack, how to avoid an attack from the rear, how to sense and thwart the pickpocket. An essential companion for every beginner, a vital reference for students of all levels. Author: Gozo Shioda Paperback, 159 pages Learn More

  2. Advanced Nunchaku

    Advanced Nunchaku

    Written by Fumio Demura, one of the world's leading authorities on Japanese weapons, this guide to advanced nunchaku covers variations of twirling and swinging, with two separate training kata. Author: Fumio Demura and Dan Ivan Paperback, 159 pages Learn More

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    The Complete Master's Jumping Kick

    The Complete Master's Jumping Kick

    Each of these two volumes is the last word on their subject. Extensively researched and illustrated with over 1000 pictures each, everything about each of almost 20 kicks per volume is discussed in detail- stretching, breathing, conditioning, weight training....everything! Author: Master Hee Il Cho Paperback, 288 pages Learn More

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  4. Tai Chi Secrets of the Yang Style

    Tai Chi Secrets of the Yang Style

    The majority of the secrets found in this book were written directly bby Yang, Ban-Hou secont generation lineage of the Yang family, a master well known for his deep understanding of theory and for the manifestation of martial power (Jin). Now you can reap the benefits of this wisdom and practical experience to deepen and refine your ownTai Chi. Discover ways to reach the essence of your form and take your push hands to higher levels. Dr.Yang has translated these classics from the original Chinese, and has written commentaries to make them more accessible to contemporary minds. Author: Dr Yang, Jwing Ming Paperback, 191 pages Learn More

  5. Throws and Takedowns of Judo

    Throws and Takedowns of Judo

    In this volume Geoff explores his favourite takedown techniques from devastating taichi waza of judo. Learn More

  6. Complete Krav Maga

    Complete Krav Maga

    The official self-defense system of the Isaraeli Defense Forces, Krav Maga offers you an easy-to-learn yet highly effective self-defense system that emphasises instinctive movements, practical techniques and realistic training scenarios...All the moves in Complete Krav Maga- from beginner Yellow belt to advanced Brown Belt- are described in depth and illustrated with step-by-step photos.

    Author: Darren Levine, John Whitman, Forwarded by Bus Rutten

    Paperback, 342 pages

    Learn More

  7. The Way of the Ninja Secret Techniques

    The Way of the Ninja Secret Techniques

    Dr Masaaki Hatsumi, Ph.D, is the most famous Ninja Grandmaster in the world today. In this book, he explains the essence, truth, and wisdom of Ninjutsu, an art of a thousand forms and innumerable variations. Through perceptive observations and many detailed pictures, the author reveals the hidden reality behind this mysterious and fascinating martial art. The Way of the Ninja will help widen readers' perceptions and deepen their understanding of two essential principles. One is that Ninjutsu is a very backbone of the martial arts; the other, that Ninjutsu reveals true spiritual significance.

    Author: Massaki Hatsumi

    Hardback, 224 pages

    Learn More

  8. Black Belt Karate

    Black Belt Karate

    No description Learn More

  9. Small Circle Jujitsu

    Small Circle Jujitsu

    Small-Circle Jujitsu presents the complete art developed by the legendary Wally Jay. Brininging together elements from various styles, Jay's focused and more effective system incorporates theories, principles and techniques essential to the development of every martial artist, from the novice to the seasoned veteran.

    Author: Wally Jay

    Paperback Pages: 255 pages

    Learn More

  10. Capoeira A Brazilian Art Form

    Capoeira A Brazilian Art Form

    This book is filled with tales, visions, techniques, songs, and derivative forms ...It is valuable for anyone interested in ethnocultural traditions, martial arts, and music, but also for those who want to listen to the words of an actual mestre dedicated to preserving this Afro-Brazilian legacy.

    Author: Bira Almeida

    Paperback, 181 pages

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